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April-May Special Exhibit   ONLINE ONLY

The special exhibit is “The Printed Hankies of Your Mother & Grandmother.”  The collection is that of Phoebe Ann Erb, native of Lancaster, and well-known textile designer, now living in Boston.


Special Exhibit - Agriculture Implements and Tools        Final Day-Thursday, August 24

At the Sign of the Saw, the “Agricultural Implements and Tools” exhibition in the south rotating bay in the Barn at Allison-Antrim Museum, 365 S Ridge Ave, Greencastle, PA 17225 includes one-horse powered implements, such as the Clover Header and a plow, seed flails, an Antrim Township Henry S. Walck grain cradle and hay fork, a made-in-Greencastle Flinchbaugh buck saw, seed cleaner, corn sheller, scales for weighing feed bags, corn huskers, a farmer’s manual and a ledger, a J. B. Crowell grain drill “boot,” chisels and gouges for building barns, planes, and much more.  The exhibit’s artifacts are from the collection the Fred Davison family and Allison-Antrim Museum’s collections.  The exhibit closes August 26.


Accompanying the exhibition is a slide show of farming scenes from the late 1800’s into the mid-20th century.  Many of the photographs are from the 2004 and 2007 pictorial history books – Images of America Greencastle-Antrim, which are for sale in the Barn.


September 14, Speaker Meeting

On Thursday, September 14, 2017 at 7 pm, Allison-Antrim Museum’s Speaker’s Meeting Series resumes in the German bank barn, 365 South Ridge Avenue, Greencastle, PA.  Ted Alexander, retired Historian of Antietam National Battlefield, will talk about “Antietam – The Aftermath.”


This September marks the 155th anniversary of the Battle of Antietam.  This was the bloodiest one-day battle in American history.  After 12 hours of combat on September 17, 1862, more than 23,000 men, Americans all, were killed, wounded, or missing.  Alexander’s talk will focus on the aftermath of the battle. Topics discussed will include field medical care, the impact of the battle on the civilian population, tactical and operational activities of the opposing forces, and other aspects of the post-battle period.


Alexander is the author, editor, or contributor to 10 books on the Civil War – among them, “Antietam: The Bloodiest Day,” (History Press, 2011).  He is, also, a contributor to a forthcoming book on Antietam's iconic Dunker Church.  Alexander is the author of more than 200 articles and book reviews for publications such as Civil War Times, Blue and Gray Magazine, and the Washington Times.  He has been a commentator on Pennsylvania Cable Network, Maryland Public Television, National Public Radio, and Antietam Cable.  Alexander is the co-founder and coordinator of Chambersburg Civil War Seminars, which was started in 1989.  Since its inception, this event has raised nearly $200,000 for battlefield preservation.  He also serves as the Historian for the Allison Antrim Museum.


Ballroom Dance Classes - Ongoing Classes, Join in anytime

The focus is on basic fundamentals such as lead, follow, proper frame and basic footwork.  Everyone learns at their own speed. A sense of rhythm is helpful.  It does not take much to make you feel socially confident on the dance floor.


Please wear shoes with solid soles that glide easily on the floor.

The barn's floor is wood and provides the best possible surface for dancing.


Come give it a try or watch a class for free.


Beginner Classes Wednesday

Intermediate Classes Tuesday


Also, when you join a dance class you are helping to support the

climate control expenses of the barn.


Visit MadAboutBallroom website





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