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Gordon Crooks' Genealogical Research


Crooks is a leading authority on the Ulster-Scots (Scots-Irish), a historian of the Presbyterian denomination, a researcher, and a genealogist.  The vast amount of historical information, which Crooks has contributed, speaks directly to Allison-Antrim Museum's mission statement, relative to serving as an educational resource to enhance the study of local and regional history, pertaining to the cultural development of the Greencastle-Antrim area.  Among  the many organizations in which he holds memberships are the Ulster-Scots Society of America and Allison-Antrim Museum, Inc.


    Cemetery Records


    Family Genealogy


    Crooks' Family Bible

    This bible record was originally started by Robert Crooks, grandson of John Crooks born Ulster 1709, and his son

    Joseph Crooks who married Hannah Jane Emmitt in 1837. Two bibles were purchased in Chambersburg by Joseph for

    himself and Hannah. He had original family records inserted into his bible with additional pages to continue recording the

    family history. Both of these bibles were the first printing in America and were purchased in 1838.


    Ulster-Scots of Cumberland Valley


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