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The museum features local artifacts and history of Greencastle, PA and the surrounding community of Antrim Township.



Museum House


The museum is located within the borough of Greencastle and is directly across from the Greencastle-Antrim School District campus. It provides opportunities for students at all grade levels.




History of the Museum Property


Mission Statement

Allison-Antrim Museum, Inc. will serve as an educational resource and develop partnerships for and with the Greencastle-Antrim School District and other educational institutions enhancing the study of local and regional history, including: social / cultural / political development; military history; and history of industry / commerce / agriculture. Allison-Antrim Museum, Inc. is dedicated to upholding the professional and educational standards as set forth by the American Alliance of Museums.


The Barn


When the long-range plan for AAMI was developed in 1999, one of the objectives was to provide the proper storage environment with climate control for the museum’s collections, which would be built according to archival standards.  The primary action plan to fulfill that goal was to build a separate curatorial storage facility.


Some of the considerations included in the concept were maintaining the historic integrity of the property, the aesthetics of placing another building in proximity to the 1860 house, and the stated purpose of AAMI which is to preserve, exhibit, and interpret, items that will serve to illustrate the history of the Borough of Greencastle and Antrim Township.

The barn itself is an exhibit and the upper level provides exhibit, meeting and workshop areas. The lower level has storage for the collections.


The addition of the barn facility allows Allison-Antrim Museum to expand its programs and become more of an integral part of the Greencastle-Antrim community by strengthening its partnership with the school district and helping to increase the economic vitality of the area.




 Opportunities to Volunteer


Ebbert Spring Heritage Park & Archaeological Preserve



On August 30, 2017, Andy Stout, Greencastle native and Eastern Regional Director of The Archaeological Conservancy (TAC), and Bonnie Shockey, President & CEO, on behalf the board of directors of Allison-Antrim Museum, Inc (AAMI), signed a 99-year lease between TAC and AAMI, which transfers the care of the standing structures, within the Ebbert Spring Heritage Park & Archaeological Preserve, to Allison-Antrim Museum.








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