Governors’ Signature Collection

Allison-Antrim Museum’s Brumbaugh Collection of Pennsylvania Governors’ Signatures is a sizeable assemblage of about 80 different primary documents of Pennsylvania governors’ signatures. The late Dr. Thomas Brumbaugh, a native of Greencastle, gave the collection to AAMI the week the museum opened on August 1, 1998.  It is a collection that he started in his youth and when presented to AAMI contained 42 signatures.  AAMI surmises this collection, currently with 50 different signatures, is the largest of its kind outside those in the possession of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.  To our knowledge, no other museum or historical organization has such a collection or has focused on this topic.

The special exhibits included at least one signature of each of the men in the collection plus the signatures of John Geary and Benjamin Franklin that were loaned to AAMI.  The documents contain the Governors’ signatures while in office, as well as outside their term(s). To enhance the collection, copies of illustrations, paintings, or photographs of each of the men have been gathered to accompany the signature pieces.

This collection represents almost 50% of the 101 men who so far have served as governor of Pennsylvania from the Colonial era up through 2003. Eight men served two different terms and one man served three different terms of office.  To date, there have been 110 terms of office. The "Historical Sketches" include all the signatures currently in the collection, as well as those of John Geary and Benjamin Franklin that were loaned to AAMI for the special exhibits.

The following may be viewed below:

Provincial Governors: 1626-1776

Relovutionary Goversnors: 1775-1788

Constitutional Governors: 1788-1861

Executive Mansion Governors: 1861-?


Provincial Governors (pdf)


Revolutionary Governors (pdf)


Constitutional Governors (pdf)


Governors in the Executive Mansion 1 of 2 (pdf)


Governors in the Executive Mansion 2 of 2 (pdf)