Museum Barn

Upper Level - Bay 1 - Rotating Exhibits


Bay 1 is the South exhibit area in the barn.  It is used for rotating exhibits.  The above is student art exhibit.

Upper Level - Bay 2 & 3 - Meeting/Event Space


Bay 2 & 3 is used for public events and meetings.  There are about 60 chairs and a number of 8' tables and about 1/2 dozen card tables available for use.  A public address system and a large pull-down projector screen is available.

Upper Level - Bay 4 - Civil War Exhibit


Bay 4 is the North exhibit area in the barn.  It displays local Civil War artifacts from the Greencastle-Antrim area.  There is also a very rare 'Slave Collar' that was made and used locally.

Upper Level - Kitchen


A fully functional kitchen is available for events and meetings.  It is especially useful to caterers.  The kitchen is ADA compliant.  It is located in what was the barn 'Granary.

The other granary houses the ADA compliant restrooms. 

Lower Level - Conservation


This room is reserved for the future conservation room where incoming donations are processed.  It is also climate controlled and located in lower level.  Presently, it holds the archaeological collect from Ebbert Springs. 

Lower Level - Storage


There are north and south storage rooms in the lower level of the barn.  They house the museum collections from small artifacts to larger farm equipment. 

Barnes Library

 The Barnes Library is named after A. Isabelle Barnes, a native of Greencastle-Antrim.  She was a charter member of the Greencastle-Antrim Civil War Roundtable, established in the mid 1970s.  For almost four decades, Isabelle collected books – books on the local history of Greencastle-Antrim, books on the history of Franklin County, books on the history of Pennsylvania, and books on American History.  When she moved to Maine Isabelle said, “I have no use for these local history books in Maine, so I am giving my collection to Allison-Antrim Museum.”  With one magnanimous gesture, Allison-Antrim Museum’s library grew tenfold.  For this reason, the board of directors decided to name the library The Barnes Library.  Allison-Antrim Museum is sincerely grateful and indebted to Isabelle for her generosity. 

Also in the Barnes Library . . . 

Michael Schnebly’s American Cookbook Collection

The following is an introduction to the American Cookbook collection as written by Michael Schnebly:

“The collection (from 1815 to the 1950s and beyond) is given to our community (Greencastle-Antrim) in honor of my mother Elizabeth B. Schnebly, in memory of the wonderful meals we shared over the years.

My collection of over 500 books on American food and drink includes many scarce, first, and early editions of "classic" works of influential teachers and cooking authorities from the past.  There are also examples of regional and charitable cookbooks which offer vintage and treasured recipes from private kitchens of long ago, including Pennsylvania imprints. 

The cookbook collection occupies the complete left side of the library.

The Barnes Library is located in the upper level of the barn.

The Barnes Library is located in the upper level of the barn.